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You don’t have to spend a fortune on human hair extensions and wigs, you can buy them directly from China while seating comfortably here in Lagos, Nigeria. Whether, you are looking for Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, or any other type that tickles your fancy, you can find them on AliExpress, China’s leading Online Marketplace and cheap too.

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Buy Human Hair Extensions

At AliExpress, you can buy human hair extensions and wigs from leading suppliers in China and they are available at low and affordable prices, whether you just want to buy a few for personal use or wholesale for retail in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria.

I have heard jokes on social media about how the cost of human hair extensions worn by some ladies would be enough to build a house. If you buy from AliExpress, it will definitely not be that expensive, whether you are looking for wavy, curly, or straight human hair.

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Secure Shopping for Human Hair

AliExpress is an online marketplace (a website) where suppliers, exporters, and manufacturers in China sell their products. Buyers from over 200 countries including Nigeria can find suppliers in China and buy at wholesale prices whether they buy in volume or just one item.

You order an extension or a wig and the supplier delivers it to you here in Lagos or in any other city in Nigeria within 7 to 30 days. If you choose courier services like DHL, your order could be delivered within 9 days.

As a safeguard, your payment goes directly to AliExpress (Escrow) and not the seller. The seller gets your payment only when you confirm that you have received the complete and exact human hair you ordered. You get full refund for any product not delivered by a supplier on AliExpress, if you complain about it.

AliExpress accepts payment with Mastercard or Visa.

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Best Brands at the Best Prices

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